Classic Race Winners

The partnership of Cavalieri and Taylor came together in 2007 with a 2nd Fed Dimboola, 2nd Fed George Whaley memorial and 2nd Fed Bookaloo (national) eleven Fed place in all.

The following year 2008 the partnership took out 1st Fed Mildura, dropping four birds together with a velocity of 1087 M.P.M. Then 1st Fed George Whaley memorial 1561 M.P.M. 1st Fed Railton (Tasmania) with a velocity 806 M.P.M and 1st Fed Bookaloo 950km clocking right on dark flying for just under 13 hours and 13 minutes with a velocity of 1200.10 M.P.M.

This little Black Checker Hen topped the combine result between the V.R.P.U W.P.F and the G.M.P.F her blood lines are Goodger, Wickham, Pape. Both the Mildura and Tasmania winners are Janssen – Van loon bred from birds purchased from Ponderosa Australia. The Whaley winner is Wickham – De Weerdt.